Cachaça is a type of agricultural rum (hence falls into the category of rums), that is to say made ​​from fermented cane juice rather than molasses, which is made exclusively in Brazil.

Capucana is a light golden color. On the nose, it is a feast for the senses after intensive input fermented cane juice are notes of lime, fleshy fruits such as apricot or peach, light spicy notes of white pepper and even a smoky sweet. In the mouth, Capucana celebrated a feast for the palate and completely baffling showing her character with cachaça more typical of aged tequilas, rums or whiskeys notes. Slightly sweet and nice entry with hints of peach, lime, clementine jam, begin to emerge spicy notes reminiscent of a fine aged tequila white pepper, Chinese cinnamon, cactus and woody notes of smoke and even memories. The finish is medium and is full of citrus green notes: lime and bergamot with spicy and woody notes integrated.